Top Headlines 19.10.2016

Scientists Launch Antarctic Mission The first scientific full circumnavigation of the ice-covered Antarctica was officially launched. The ‘Antarctic Circumpolar Expedition’ will witness the participation of over 50 scientists from 30 countries. The scientists will study Antarctica’s islands including both landmass and ocean in an attempt to study climate change & pollution. Researchers will work on a … [Read more…]

Top Headlines 18.10.2016

Sensor can Detect Vitamin B12 Deficiency Scientists have developed a new optical sensor that may quickly detect vitamin B12 deficiency. It is a condition linked to an increased risk of dementia & Alzheimer’s disease. The sensor uses an optical measuring technique called Raman spectroscopy which produces a unique optical fingerprint of a target molecule. The newly … [Read more…]

Top Headlines 17.10.2016

China Launches Manned Mission China has launched two men into orbit in a project designed to develop its ability to explore space. The astronauts took off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre. The plan is for them to dock with & then spend 30 days on board the Tiangong 2 space station testing its ability to … [Read more…]

Top Headlines 16.10.2016

16-Oct: World Food Day World Food Day is celebrated every year around the world on 16 October. This day is observed to commemorate the founding of the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation in 1945. This year the theme is ‘Climate is Changing’. It will focus on climate actions for a sustainable future highlighting the … [Read more…]

Top Headlines 15.10.2016

Wonder Woman to be UN Ambassador The United Nations is to enlist the super powers of “Wonder Woman” for a new campaign to empower women & girls. The comic & television series heroine will be officially designated as the UN honorary ambassador for the empowerment of women and girls during a ceremony on October 21. The ceremony … [Read more…]

Top Headlines 14.10.2016

Israel freezes ties with Unesco Israel has frozen co-operation with the UN’s cultural agency, accusing it of denying Judaism’s connections to the religion’s holiest sites. It comes after the body approved a text which repeatedly used only the Islamic name for a hilltop complex which is also the holiest site in Judaism. The site is … [Read more…]